Visitor engages with space rocks at a stall.

Space Rocks


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Spotting rocks in space is easy when they’re still hurtling through the sky, but what about after they land – how can we tell them from other boulders, stones or pebbles?

It’s time to play detective with the tools and tricks of astro-geologists!

Dive into the gritty details of what moon chunks, Martian rocks and asteroid bits look like when you’re up close and personal. Step into the exciting world of Planetary Science, where you’ll unravel the mysteries of our Solar System’s formation and evolution.

These ancient meteorites – some as old as 4.5 billion years – are like time capsules, revealing secrets of cosmic proportions.

Engage with University experts to analyse extraordinary samples from space, freshly delivered by cutting-edge space missions, and get the scoop on the latest breakthroughs in Planetary Science.

Ready to become a space rock sleuth?

Learn more about The University’s Earth and Solar System Team on:

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