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‘Tales From The Past’: Cloudwater Beer Talk and Tasting with Daniela Delneri

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What a great i-beer!

Discover how the tiny (but mighty) yeast is changing the face (well, flavour) of craft brewing. Hear Professor Daniela Delneri tell the story of how she discovered the world’s first fertile yeast hybrids and went on to brew up a storm with the Cloudwater Brew Co. in 2022, creating the uniquely Manchester beer ‘Tales From The Future’

Two years later, Daniela and the barrel project experts at Cloudwater are back with a brand new beer to honour the University’s bicentenary. Be one of the first to take a sip of ‘Tales From The Past’ in this engaging hour-long talk and tasting session.

You’ll not only learn how changing the yeast in beer production can influence the beer’s flavour and aroma profiles, but also how the amazing properties of the humble yeast surpass familiar beer and bread-making uses; creating sustainable versions of everyday products and helping to make chemicals for pharmaceuticals and fuels.

So, come along and kick back with a beer and let Daniela brings the amazing world of engineering biology to life.

Please note, this event is only suitable for those over 18 years of age due to alcohol being served.

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