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The Frontline of Change: Women’s Artistic Uprising



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This powerful discussion brought to you by In Place of War brings together change-makers from around the world as they explore the capacity of grassroots artistic practice to push forward peacebuilding and the empowerment of women.

Join us as we pull back the curtain through the narratives of remarkable women from Brazil to Venezuela, Bangladesh to Manchester, Zimbabwe and beyond. These resilient artists showcase the key roles women play in resolving conflict and uplifting marginalised voices through creativity.

The panel includes MABE (Venezuela), AWA (Zimbabwe), Sohini Alam (UK / Bangladesh), Lei Di Dai (Brazil), OneDa (Manchester), and GRRRL’s Musical Director Laima Leyton (Brazil/UK), moderated by Kim Rowell.

Reflecting diverse personal experiences, this inspiring discussion will celebrate the indispensable contributions and perspectives these women bring to social change, combating inequality, breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive society.

Be inspired by their incredible work – invoking artistic talent to change the world for the better.

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