Sens Sagna dancing and clapping his hands.

The Rhythm of Life


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Be inspired, get hands on!

Immerse yourself in the Rhythm of Life as world-renowned Afrobeat musician Sens Sagna and Dr Anita Greenhill bring their vibrant presentation and performance to Universally Manchester Festival.

The duo share their message of ‘creative resilience – positive action, positive future’ through a powerful mix of the creative arts and social sciences, highlighting their essential research projects in both Senegal and the UK.

Expect thrilling drums, uplifting dance, an interactive talk and fascinating photo presentation as Sens and Anita explore their innovative approaches to addressing social issues such as digital inequality, racial discrimination and poverty in both countries.

Sens is an inspirational dancer, singer and teacher from the Cassamance region of Senegal, West Africa. Join him for this interactive performance… you too can drum to the rhythm of your own beat.

Dancing allows you to express yourself and find an inner peace. Live, Dance, Love!

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