Man dances in the Shoopery.

The Shoopery: Feel Free and Let Go


Audience Family friendlySuitable for all

Jump headlong into a world of improvisation, movement and play…

The Shoopery isn’t just a place – it’s a transformative experience. It’s where you shed your inhibitions, step out of your comfort zone and explore what it means to truly let go.

SHOOP is here to make a real difference in wellbeing. Join them to discover the joy of celebrating freedom and individuality in the most exhilarating ways possible – including a silent disco!

Together, let’s celebrate doing things differently and feeling free to be completely ourselves.

Learn more about The Shoopery on Instagram.

This event is part of Community Fair – find out more about the day and its programme.

It is linked to the #BeeWell event ‘SPACES for Young People’s Wellbeing: A Panel Discussion’.

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