The Story of Jodrell Bank with Tim O’Brien

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From the dawn of the Space Age to life-changing discoveries, Director of Jodrell Bank and former host of BBC’s Stargazing Live Professor Tim O’Brien will be reflecting on Jodrell Bank’s incredible almost 80-year journey seeking answers to our place and purpose, here on Earth.

Famous for the towering Lovell Telescope, named for the observatory’s founder Sir Bernard Lovell, Jodrell Bank is one of the world’s leading radio astronomy observatories and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It operates a national network of telescopes studying the invisible universe – a universe full of incredible things: supermassive black holes, exploding stars, spinning stars that behave like cosmic lighthouses, even ripples in the fabric of space and time itself.

And did you know that Jodrell Bank even had a top-secret role in national defence during the Cold War?

Join Tim as he tells the amazing story of this incredible place – illustrated by beautiful images of space – from its beginnings at the University’s Botany Grounds in 1945 to its present-day role: forming part of a global community performing astronomical research that’s, quite literally, out of this world.

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