A folk group play their instruments.

Tune, Song and Dance: Exploring Folk and Ceilidh



Audience Suitable for all

Regrettably, this event has been cancelled.

Dive into England’s living folk traditions with tune, song and dance, brought to you by The University of Manchester Folk and Ceilidh Society (FolkSoc).

Don’t just read about English folk music and dance – experience it firsthand with an interactive showcase immersing you in the country’s vibrant folk heritage.

Expect lively tunes, traditional songs and guided ceilidh dances as you embark on an engaging cultural journey. Folk enthusiasts and newcomers alike are encouraged to join in!

Leave any preconceptions behind and get carried away by the music. This is an invitation to celebrate England’s rich artistic roots through joyful music and dance as a living, breathing tradition – to be shared by all.

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