Visual representation of AI and a brain.

What Connects AI, Robotics, Sugar and Enzymes?



Audience Suitable for all

Join Manchester Lit & Phil as it hosts an absorbing afternoon with speakers set to challenge your mind and really get you thinking – about artificial intelligence (AI), enzyme engineering and more.

Dr Emily Collins, expert on AI, robotics, psychology, ethics and more will delve into the ethical parameters of AI – the reliability, trustworthiness and transparency of it – framing her talk around the social history of The University of Manchester, and how it was founded in part as a response to the Industrial Revolution; while Dr Richard Obexer will speak on the amazing world of enzyme engineering, and its future use. There will also be an absorbing talk from Brian Derby, Professor of Materials Science here at Manchester.

There’ll be time for questions, with discussion encouraged – so get involved, learn some unexpected facts and come away with a deeper understanding of these compelling, important subjects.

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