Steve Scott-Bottoms sat behind some yellow buckets.

Who Ya Gonna Call? (In Event of Emergency)


Audience Suitable for all

We’ve known about climate change for years… so why are we this poorly prepared? Are we heading for a total meltdown soon?

Written and performed by Steve Scott-Bottoms and co-devised and directed by Simon Brewis, Who Ya Gonna Call? (in event of emergency) is a warm and welcoming one-man show like no other – using buckets of sand, some old vinyl records and a dash of black humour to explore our current state of preparedness for a changing climate (spoiler alert: it’s not great!).

Created as part of a research project for the UK Climate Resilience programme, this acclaimed performance has been carrying its important messages and hilarious takes around the UK for audiences ranging from high school students to climate scientists.

So come along and get involved – after all, we’re all in this together…

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