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Will going ‘wild’ help us tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis? What fuels our fear of dangers that lurk in the wild? Can ‘wildness’ flourish within a city’s concrete jungle?

Get curious about our relationship with the natural world through a series of trails, talks and family-friendly workshops to celebrate the opening of Wild, Manchester Museum’s new exhibition in Exhibition Hall.

This is an opportunity to explore how people across the world are creating, rebuilding and repairing connections with nature; to challenge the way we think about nature and be transported to untamed places across the globe. Come and be exposed to a diverse range of voices, from Aboriginal elders to researchers and community activists and discover how they are seeking a more positive future in the wilderness.

Find out more about the Wild exhibition on the Manchester Museum website.

Wild Talks

Wild Talks is a series of public lectures that will delve even deeper into some of the issues raised by the new exhibition – issues that often have an unseen, yet powerful, impact on our daily lives. The series is part of the University’s support for lifelong, flexible learning, aimed at supporting people’s aspirations and learning needs at every stage of their lives.

Find out more about the Wild Talks programme.

The first talk takes place during Universally Manchester Festival:

  • ‘Hunt for the shadow wolf’ with Derek Gow and Diana Arzuza
  • Saturday, 8 June
  • 2pm–3.30pm
  • Kanaris Theatre, Manchester Museum, Oxford Road
  • More information and how to book

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