Cotton Capital: Slavery and The University of Manchester

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In partnership with Guardian Live – an exploration of how transatlantic slavery shaped The University of Manchester.

Universities are among many British institutions reflecting on their historical funding – especially from wealth produced by the labour of enslaved peoples. Join an expert panel led by David Olusoga (BAFTA- winning broadcaster, bestselling author and Professor of Public History at The University of Manchester) to examine rediscovered histories and impacts on the cultural and educational development of Manchester, and consider the emerging question: ‘what should we do next?’

Presented in partnership with Creative Manchester, the Global Development Institute and Guardian Live, we bring together leading voices working for positive change. From Guardian journalist Maya Wolfe-Robinson, editor of Cotton Capital, to leading UK academic experts Professor Uma Kothari and Professor Dawn Edge. History graduate Jeevan Sanghera will share her experiences as student curator for Founders and Funders, a groundbreaking exhibition on Manchester’s legacies of transatlantic enslavement.

This event will also be live streamed via the Guardian.

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