Phil Manning sat next to a Sauropod femur.

Dinosaurs, Bicentenaries and Badlands with Phil Manning

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For nearly 200 years dinosaurs have sparked our curiosity and fired our imagination – and since the first discovery of Megalosaurus in 1824 over 1,000 dinosaur species have been uncovered through scientific research.

But can old bones teach us new tricks? Can they help us better shape our future?

Join Phil Manning, Professor of Natural History at The University of Manchester, as he takes you on a jaw-dropping journey from the Jurassic Badlands of the present to the Jurassic world of the past.

Explore how our understanding of these prehistoric giants has evolved over time thanks to breakthrough scientific methods and how their ancient bones can offer vital lessons to guide humanity today. Discover how studying the geological history of life on Earth provides valuable insight for tackling modern challenges.

Peek into the Jurassic era while seeing dinosaurs in a whole new light – an eye-opening experience connecting our primordial past to humanity’s forward path.

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