Exposing the Sewage Scandal


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Is sewage dumped in your local river? How can you find out? And what is the environmental cost?

We are in the middle of a national sewage scandal where dumping sewage in our waterways has sadly become routine.

Join Matt Staniek, Save Windermere campaigner and University Professor of Geography Jamie Woodward, who unearthed the horrifying scale of microplastic contamination in Greater Manchester’s rivers, as they wade into a discussion on why sewage is being dumped into our precious rivers, lakes and coastal waters. Find out the impacts on nature, wildlife and public health – and the link to microplastic pollution – and how we can all get involved to do something about it.

During this talk, Jamie and Matt will share more about their work to expose the sewage scandal in the North West of England. From Matt’s testing of Lake Windermere’s water and rallies with comedians Steve Coogan, Lee Mack and Paul Whitehouse through to Jamie’s impact on policy development in Westminster.

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