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Manchester Memories: The COVID-19 Era – Triumph Over Adversity


Audience Suitable for all

Join the launch event for a fascinating and inspirational book shining a light on the incredible spirit and camaraderie of Mancunians during a time of great difficulty: the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manchester Memories: the COVID-19 era has been created by a group of local people who, for the past two years, have come together to capture our shared experiences, struggles, losses, insights and triumphs during the dark days of the period.

This special launch event for Universally Manchester Festival will include both performances and insights from the makers of the book.

Featuring original artwork and poetry from contributors, alongside quotes from the research participants who inspired it, the book aims to create something that’s as much a celebration of life as it is of life lost – an account of sacrifices and achievements, a book to inspire hope.

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