Talk 200: The limits to equality – access to justice and scandal

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What are the limits to equality within our legal system? In the face of recent scandals in the UK and overseas, how we can we widen access to justice?

Against the backdrop of recent scandals both in the UK and globally, Nazir Afzal, Chancellor of The University of Manchester and former Chief Crown Prosecutor for north-west England, discusses inequalities in access to justice and steps towards a fairer treatment in the legal system, in the second live instalment of the Talk 200 lecture and podcast series.

An expert panel chaired by Claire McGourlay, Professor of Legal Education, will then delve into the disparities in access to justice and discuss how we can possibly chart a path towards fairer treatment within the legal sphere and the challenges that poses.

Panellists include exonerated postmaster Tom Hedges; barrister and advocate Thalia Maragh (UK Covid-19 Inquiry, Grenfell Inquiry); and Suzanne Gower, PhD researcher, and former managing director of the legal charity APPEAL.

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