Carrol May Nelson.

‘I Am Great!’ Interactive Storytelling with Dolly May Author


Audience Family friendlySuitable for all

Feel the warmth of the hot sun! Feel prickly grass between your toes! Hear the happy voices of children carry across the air!

There’s no limit to where a child’s imagination might take them with this fun, interactive author’s reading, with plenty of drawing, colouring and story writing thrown in the mix.

Join Carrol May Nelson, author of much-loved children’s book Dolly May and the Magical Enchanted Garden, for an interactive storytelling drop-in that takes children on a magical journey of discovery.

They’ll be transported to the top of Mount Olive in the beautiful Island of Jamaica, where Dolly May lives with her Grandma Majji – who has the best games and encourages children to dream big and achieve all they can desire, becoming anything from a deep-sea diver to an astronaut.

This interactive storytelling session is designed to help children from all backgrounds and cultures to feel empowered and pursue their dreams, build confidence and raise their self-esteem – all while being silly and having fun!

Discover more about Carrol May Nelson and her books.

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