Performer's shadow on a large clock backdrop.

Light On Le Bestiaire: A mythic opera of light and shadow



Audience AdultsTeens

Experience an evocative selection of classical song, performed with Lights On Theatre’s signature cinematic style of shadow puppetry – combining opera and art song to create innovative, impactful and accessible theatre.

Light On Le Bestiaire explores the universal themes of love, ambition, heartbreak and loss. A multidisciplinary performance, this show combines the power of the human voice and the music of French composer Louis Durey with shadow puppetry to create immersive theatrical magic.

Performed live by an international cast of emerging artists, the reinterpretation of Durey’s songs draws inspiration from the myth of Orpheus and his quest to rescue his wife Eurydice from the shadowy depths of the Underworld.

Light On Le Bestiaire is a feast for the senses and ideal for lovers of music, opera, theatre, visual art and cinema.

NOTE: This performance may include strobe and flashing light effects.

The 4.30pm performance is now sold out.

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