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Marvellous Materials: Royce Building


Audience Family friendlySuitable for all

Step into the heart of innovation at the Royce Hub Building to unlock the secrets of materials science!

From unravelling recycling in Manchester to tracing the evolution of microscopes and delving into the electrifying world of atomic energy and X-rays, there’s fun for everyone.

The Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub will teach you about the ins and outs of recycling, sorting materials and tracing the lifecycles of plastics towards a more sustainable future. Dive into 200 years of microscope history with MIDAS and discover the structure of zirconium and how it’s used in nuclear reactors. Learn about the magic of X-rays and how CT scans reveal secrets hidden within jars of sweets. And don’t miss out on the Dalton Institute’s Atom Smasher Game, where players of all ages can grasp the principles of nuclear fission while having a blast.

Join us to discover how materials science shapes our world and paves the way toward a greener tomorrow!

This event is part of Community Fair – find out more about the day and its programme.

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