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Rare Books and Manuscripts: Explore the Library’s Special Collections


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Explore one of the world’s finest collections of rare books, manuscripts, archives and visual materials – held by The University of Manchester Library.

From clay tablets and parchments to photographs, digital records and physical objects, the University’s Special Collections truly is a treasure trove. This is your chance to come and learn more about some of the rare gems in the collection, including facsimiles (exact copies) of rare books – such as the ‘Rylands Beatus’ (Beatus on the Apocalypse), one of the best-known works of an 8th century Spanish monk, ‘Beatus of Liébana’, as well as the first edition of Andreas Vesalius’ renowned work on anatomy, commonly referred to as the ‘Fabrica’.

Want to take a step back in time at the University? Check out the Manchester University Rag Rags collection – magazines made by the Students’ Union from all the way back to 1924.

So come, explore and unearth some literary treasures.

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