May Fairweather.

Why Don’t People Talk About Money?



Audience Suitable for all

Despite lots of talk about the cost-of-living crisis, we still rarely feel comfortable talking about our finances – at least beyond the surface level.

Join May Fairweather, financial coach, money guider and founder of Talk About Money CIC, to explore the reasons why we’re so reticent to speak openly about money, and how we can start to change that.

Learn how to create a safe, trusting and supportive environment to have important conversations, and how to make it fun to talk about money!

May is passionate about habit building, personal finance and promoting self-efficacy – helping you to grow in confidence and courage, building the tools and routines you need to succeed.

So come along and discover why talking about money is so important – and needn’t be taboo.

If sitting closer to the stage during this talk would be beneficial, when you arrive at the tent please speak to a member of the volunteer team who will be able to assist you.

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