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Disasters, Climate Action and Intergenerational Solidarity



Audience Suitable for all

Join for an inspiring event featuring two documentary screenings and an expert panel discussion focusing on solidarity amid the increasing threats of disasters and climate change.

Part of the wider research project Voces de Resiliencia – exploring and promoting intergenerational interactions to strengthen community resilience in the face of such threats – the event will include the screening of two documentaries exploring how different communities develop resilience in the face of disasters:

  • Voces de Resiliencia – a 40-minute documentary by Chika Watanabe showcasing the experiences of older people and the creative workshops where children interviewed them to create insightful comic books.
  • Insecure – a ten-minute documentary by Katie Parsons from the University of Loughborough exploring climate change and coastal erosion with Withernsea High School.

The expert panel will then discuss the possibilities and challenges of fostering intergenerational solidarity amid the threats of disasters and climate change, providing an opportunity to engage with thought leaders and community members in a dialogue that aims to inspire and inform.

If you’re interested in climate action, disaster management, intergenerational solidarity and community building – whether you’re a student, a community leader, or simply passionate about creating a sustainable future – this could be the ideal event for you.

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