Zimbabwean Action in Solidarity.

Echoes of Zimbabwe: Soundscapes, Poetry and Dance



Audience Suitable for all

Regrettably, this event has been cancelled.

Immerse yourself in an enchanting evening of Zimbabwean soundscapes, poetry and traditional dance!

Presented by ZAS (Zimbabwean Action in Solidarity) and the imaginative soundscape composer Ryan Woods – a PhD student here at Manchester – this vibrant, energetic event showcases a collaborative project capturing both the essence of Zimbabwean culture and personal narratives of migration and identity.

Join ZAS as it explores the sensory experiences of moving from Zimbabwe to the UK, enveloped in nostalgia and the beauty of acoustic memories. Supported by The University of Manchester, this event not only celebrates cultural diversity but also supports the ZAS choir’s mission to connect communities and foster understanding.

Don’t miss this mesmerising blend of art and heart in Manchester – where every note and step tell a story of belonging and connection. Everyone is welcome to join and be moved by the rhythm of Zimbabwe and the spirit of solidarity!

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