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Missed out on watching our events in person? Fear not – we recorded our live streamed events, and you can catch up on some of our most popular talks below.

Reflections on the History and Future of Television

Professors David Olusoga, Michael Wood, Ana Carden-Coyne and Sadiah Qureshi explore the past, present and future of TV and film.

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The Story of Jodrell Bank with Tim O’Brien

Director of Jodrell Bank Professor Tim O’Brien reflects on the famous observatory’s almost 80-year journey, seeking answers to our place and purpose here on Earth.

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Wake Up and Be Somebody – Uncovering Lost Urban Music Stories in Manchester

Chaired by TV producer Karen Gabay and linked to the British Pop Archive, an expert panel investigates the Manchester artists, singers, DJs, producers and bands whose remarkable stories have been lost in time.

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Cotton Capital: Slavery and The University of Manchester

An expert panel led by Professor David Olusoga examines rediscovered histories and impacts on the cultural and educational development of Manchester, and considers the question: ‘what should we do next?’

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Talk 200: The Limits to Equality – Access to Justice and Scandal

University Chancellor Nazir Afzal discusses inequalities in access to justice and steps towards fairer treatment in the legal system, followed by an expert panel that includes exonerated postmaster Tom Hedges.

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Immune Boosting? Fact or Fiction with Sheena Cruickshank

Professor Sheena Cruickshank explores the myths and hype around immunity, revealing the science behind our immune system and the truth of what we should be doing to get it working as well as it can.

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20 Years of In Place of War

A panel including Radiohead guitarist Ed O’Brien and other inspiring figures connected to In Place of War look back through its journey from University research project to a global force for change and independent national charity.

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Exposing the Sewage Scandal

Save Windermere campaigner Matt Staniek and University Professor of Geography Jamie Woodward wade into a discussion on why sewage is being dumped into our precious rivers, lakes and coastal waters – and how we can do something about it.

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First and Only: Intersectionality, ‘Race’ and Gender in Academia with Dawn Edge

Professor Dawn Edge delivers her insightful and powerful inaugural lecture on how ‘race’, gender and the quest for social justice in health and care have shaped her journey so far.

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